Welcome to Miss Frank's 7th grade reading class - 2nd Trimester!
June 3-5:
Monday, 6/3: All Coraline chapter summaries due; film - compare and contrast
Tuesday, 6/4: Coraline film - compare and contrast.
Wednesday, 6/5: Last day! - 1/2 day

May 27-May 31:
Monday, 5/27: No school.
Tuesday, 5/28: Read Ch. 13, finish novel.
Wednesday, 5/29: Coraline final essay exam.
Thursday, 5/30: Coraline film - compare and contrast
Friday, 5/31: ​Coraline film - compare and contrast

May 20-24:
Monday, 5/20: Wrap-up Ch. 7 summary worksheet.
Tuesday, 5/21: Finish Ch. 8 summary worksheet.
Wednesday, 5/22: Read Ch. 9-11, complete summary worksheet.
Thursday, 5/23: No class, Shank's Mare.
Friday, 5/24: Continue Ch. 9-11.

May 13-17:
Monday, 5/13: Finish Ch. 4 chapter summary worksheet.
Tuesday, 5/14:
Wednesday, 5/15: Finish Ch. 5 chapter summary worksheet.
Thursday, 5/16: Finish Ch. 6 CSW; study for tomorrow's test
Friday, 5/17: Ch. 1-6 Mid-Book Test

May 6-10:
Monday, 5/6: Read Ch. 3; complete chapter summary worksheet.
Tuesday, 5/7: No homework.
Wednesday, 5/8: No homework.
Thursday, 5/9: Read Ch. 4, complete chapter summary worksheet.
Friday, 5/10: Finish character chart.

April 29-May 3:
Monday, 4/29: Read Ch. 1.
Tuesday, 4/30: Answer object question: "Which object will have the greatest impact on the plot? Why?"
Wednesday, 5/1: Answer quote question: "Which quote is the most important to the chapter? Why?"
Thursday, 5/2: None.
Friday, 5/3: Read Ch. 2, complete chapter summary worksheet.

April 22-26:
Monday, 4/22: Coraline compare & contrast
Tuesday, 4/23: Coraline compare & contrast
Wednesday, 4/24: ​Coraline​ compare & contrast due!
Thursday, 4/25: None.
Friday, 4/26: Complete introductory vocabulary page.

April 15-19:
​Monday, 4/15: Finish setting pages.
Tuesday, 4/16: 3 characters.
Wednesday, 4/17: 3 characters
Thursday, 4/18: 3 characters and loose ends - COMIC BOOK DUE!

April 8-12:
Monday, 4/8: Finish reading Ch. 11.
Tuesday, 4/9: None.
Wednesday, 4/10: None.
Thursday, 4/11: None.
Friday, 4/12: Complete object profiles in CBP for top 8 objects (black key, marbles, rats, door, snow globe, stone, hand, mirror)

April 1-April 5
Monday, 4/1: No school.
​Tuesday, 4/2: Complete setting in CBP for the empty flat.
​Wednesday, 4/3: Complete Ch. 10 summary in CBP. (THOROUGHLY!)
​Thursday, 4/4:Graphic Map; Finish graphic map explanation for homework

March 25-March 29
Monday, 3/25: Read Ch. 6 of Coraline, complete summary in CBP; Complete character sketch of the other mother.
Tuesday, 3/26: Read Ch. 7 of Coraline, complete summary in CBP.
Wednesday, 3/27: Finish Ch. 8 and CBP.
Thursday, 3/28: None.
Friday, 3/29: No school! Enjoy your break. :)

March 18-22:
Monday, 3/18: Read Ch. 3 of Coraline and complete chapter summary in CBP.
Tuesday, 3/19: Complete Coraline character sketch and other house setting sketch.
Wednesday, 3/20: Ch. 1-3 quiz. Ch. 4 in CBP.
Thursday, 3/21: Ch. 5 in CBP. Quiz tomorrow on 4-5.
Friday, 3/22: Ch. 4-5 quiz

March 11-15:
Monday, 3/11: Essay portion begins.
Tuesday, 3/12: Continue essay portion.
Wednesday, 3/13: Bring your book to class to turn in if you haven't already!
Thursday, 3/14: Finish the final film clip explanation on the yellow "Introduction to Fantasy" worksheet -- the clip was from ​The Wizard of Oz
​Friday, 3/15:​ Read Ch. 1 of Coraline; complete chapter summary organizer in comic book packet (CBP).

March 4-8:
Monday, 3/4: Ch. 12 Character worksheet; study
Tuesday, 3/5: Study.
Wednesday, 3/6: Study.
Thursday, 3/7: Study!
​Friday, 3/8:​ Multiple Choice Test -- will begin essays on MONDAY.

1. One theme of this story is bravery. Using examples from the text, explain how Mama and Papa represent this theme.
2. Show that a theme of the novel is that the human spirit can't be broken by referring to a.) the title; b.) Cassie's comments at the end of the story; c.) any relevant examples from the story.
3. Using either Stacey or Cassie, explain how a major theme in this story is the child's coming of age.
4. Storms are an important symbol in this novel. Explain what they symbolize using 2 examples from the story.
5. In what ways can the pearl handled pistol be considered a symbol in the novel?
6. This story says a lot about values, both good and bad. Pick a character and explain what that person values. Be sure to use examples from the text.
A.) Mr. Morrison, B.) Mama, C.) Papa, D.) The Wallaces, E.) Mr. Jamison