Hope Was Here, Final Study Guide Answers.

Chapter 20: #9-11
9. If she puts the anger behind her, one day she'll turn around and it will be gone.
10. He died.
11. She sees angel wings heading up the staircases of the Welcome Stairways to guide GT to heaven.

Chapter 21:
1. Put flowers in the window and turn on the lights so people can see.
2. She knew about being strong and life being hard.
3. "You've got your father's eyes." (p. 183)
4. She writes "Hope was here" above the honey jar.
5. It's positive. People are working the way GT would have wanted them to.
6. GT was like getting an extraordinary meal after you've been eating junk for a long time. Hope had had negative experiences with men throughout her life and GT was the one to come and break the mold. After GT, she realized what people were truly capable of.