Welcome to Miss Frank's 8th grade
English class!
June 3-5:
6/3: Reading logs due.
6/4: Final day of speeches.
6/5: Last day of school! - 1/2 day

May 27-31:
Demo speeches all week - no additional homework beyond makeup work.

May 20-24:
Monday, 5/20: Narrative assessment in class.
Tuesday, 5/21: Narrative assessment in class.
Wednesday, 5/22: Senior Letters.
Thursday, 5/23: Senior Letters.
Friday, 5/24: ANIMAL FARM FINAL EXAM. Prepare demonstration speeches for next week! Speeches begin TUESDAY.

May 13-17:
Monday, 5/13: Read Ch. 10, complete study guide for Wednesday; Personal narrative rough draft due tomorrow.
Tuesday, 5/14: Make revisions and edits to personal narrative; Continue work on demonstration speech.
Wednesday, 5/15: Personal narrative; speech.
Thursday, 5/16: Personal narrative; speech.
Friday, 5/17: ​Personal narrative due​; speech; Begin studying for ​Animal Farm​ final

May 6-May 10:
Monday, 5/6: Study Ch. 1-5 for midway test on Wednesday. You will want to skim back through the chapters.
Tuesday, 5/7: Continue outlining your narrative, making revisions based on what we completed in class. Rough draft due TUESDAY, 5/14.
Wednesday, 5/8: Ch. 1-5 Mid-Book Test!, Read Ch. 6-7 completing study guide for Friday.
Thursday, 5/9: Begin brainstorming your topic for your demonstration speech.
Friday, 5/10: Read Ch. 8-9, complete study guide for Monday.

April 29-May 3:
Monday, 4/29: Read Ch. 1-2; reading guide; character chart.
Tuesday, 4/30: 5 lines to complete narrative prompt
Wednesday, 5/1: Read Ch. 3-4; reading guide; character chart.
Thursday, 5/2: Begin planning rough draft of narrative.
Friday, 5/3: Read Ch. 5, reading guide, narrative outline.

April 22-26:
Monday, 4/22: Reflections on Change due tomorrow.
Tuesday, 4/23: None.
Wednesday, 4/24: None.
Thursday, 4/25: None.
Friday, 4/26: Background notes.

April 15-19:
Monday, 4/15: Work on written component of advertising assignment.
Tuesday, 4/16: Continue work on advertising assignment.
Wednesday, 4/17: Advertising assignment ​DUE​.
Thursday, 4/18: None.
Friday, 4/19: Me Tree & Reflection Questions.

April 8-12:
Monday, 4/8: None
Tuesday, 4/9: None
Wednesday, 4/10: None.
Thursday, 4/11: None.
Friday, 4/12: Begin work on Advertising Assignment! DUE WEDNESDAY.

April 1-5:
Monday, 4/1: No school.
Tuesday, 4/2: Look for an example of persuasion throughout your day. Write a detailed description on your index card and explain whether this example is ethos, pathos, logos, or kairos.
​Wednesday, 4/3:​ Same as Tuesday! Get progress report signed by FRIDAY.
Thursday, 4/4:Persuasive Strategies Quiz

March 25-28:
Monday, 3/25: Advertisement #1 (do not worry about question 4!)
Tuesday, 3/26: Advertisement #2
Wednesday, 3/27: Advertisement #3; also complete ethos, logos, pathos, kairos for other advertisements; complete summary (question 4).
Thursday, 3/28: None. READING LOGS DUE!
Friday, 3/29: Enjoy your break! :)

March 18-22:
Monday, 3/18: Romeo and Juliet exam.
Tuesday, 3/19: Romeo and Juliet in Harrisburg! EXAM ESSAY QUESTIONS DUE TOMORROW.
Wednesday, 3/20: Continue film. Compare and contrast essay due FRIDAY!
Thursday, 3/21: Persuasive techniques. Compare and contrast essay due FRIDAY.
Friday, 3/22: Persuasive techniques.

March 11-15:
Monday, 3/11: Finish reading Act V Scene 1 and 2 if not completed in class; complete study guide.
Tuesday, 3/12: Study Island
Wednesday, 3/13: ​Finish reading Act V and complete study guide for the LAST TIME! :)
Thursday, 3/14: Bring ALL reading guides from Romeo and Juliet to class tomorrow!
Friday, 3/15: Study for Romeo and Juliet exam on MONDAY!