Welcome to Miss Frank's 7th grade English page!

June 3-5:
Monday, 6/3: Reading Logs due!
Tuesday, 6/4: 8th Grade Letters need to be turned in.
Wednesday, 6/5: Last day of school! - 1/2 day

May 27-31:
Speeches all week - no additional homework other than makeup work.

May 20-24:
Monday, 5/20: Persuasive writing assessment in class.
Tuesday, 5/21: Persuasive writing assessment in class.
Wednesday, 5/22: Begin preparing persuasive speeches -- presentations begin TUESDAY, MAY 28.
Thursday, 5/23: No homework - Shank's Mare field trip.
Friday, 5/24: Prepare persuasive speeches.

May 13-17:
Monday, 5/13: Continue working on rough draft.
Tuesday, 5/14: Finish rough draft.
Wednesday, 5/15: Make revisions/edits to rough draft.
Thursday, 5/16: Continue final draft.
Friday, 5/17: Final draft due by ​2:40 PM!

May 6-10:
Monday, 5/6: Come to class tomorrow with persuasive topic finalized.
Tuesday, 5/7: Circle your two best pieces of research.
Wednesday, 5/8: Research.
Thursday, 5/9: Research.
Friday, 5/10: None.

April 29-May 3:
Monday, 4/29: Book Jacket. (Due tomorrow!)
Tuesday, 4/30: Complete Oreo RACERS -- What's the right way to eat an Oreo?
Wednesday, 5/1: None.
Thursday, 5/2: Write a paragraph based on today's debate carousel acknowledging opposing viewpoints.
Friday, 5/3: none.

April 22-26:
Monday, 4/22: Book Jacket
Tuesday, 4/23: Book Jacket
Wednesday, 4/24: Book Jacket
Thursday, 4/25: Book Jacket
Friday, 4/26: Book Jacket

April 15-19:
Monday, 4/15: None.
Tuesday, 4/16: Begin brainstorming for Book Jacket.
Wednesday, 4/17: Work on Book Jacket.
Thursday, 4/18: Book Jacket.
Friday, 4/19: Book Jacket

April 8-13:
Monday, 4/8: Begin work on literature circles -- purple and blue sheets, role sheet.
Tuesday, 4/9: Lit circles.
Wednesday, 4/10: Lit circles.
Thursday, 4/11: Lit circles.
Friday, 4/12: Final lit circles!

April 1-5:
Monday, 4/1: No school.
Tuesday, 4/2: Begin Lit Circles #4 assignment -- orange conflict worksheet and conflict circle!
Wednesday, 4/3: Continue lit circles #4 assignment; get progress report signed by FRIDAY.
Thursday, 4/4: Conflict Quiz

March 25-28:
Monday, 3/25: Begin work on Lit Circles week 3 assignments: role sheet, dialogue worksheet (back side), "The Power of Point of View," and back side of "What's That Character's Perspective?" ("Character Perspective in Contrast")
Tuesday, 3/26: Continue 4 Lit Circles assignments.
Wednesday, 3/27: Continue 4 Lit Circles assignments.
Thursday, 3/28: Lit Circle #3 assignments due!
Friday, 3/29: Enjoy your break! Work on your Lit Circles #4 reading assignment and role sheet.

March 18-22:
Monday, 3/18: Begin Lit Circles week 2; character motivation chart.
Tuesday, 3/19: Study Island.
Wednesday, 3/20: Continue Week 2 assignments, add static/dynamic chart.
Thursday, 3/21: Continue Week 2 assignments.
Friday, 3/22: Week 2 Lit Circles due!

March 11-15:
Monday, 3/11: Begin Lit Circles assignment - week 1! Due FRIDAY!
Tuesday, 3/12: ​Study Island
Wednesday, 3/13: Continue reading lit circle assignments -- reading, role sheets, and setting assignment due FRIDAY!
Thursday, 3/14: Continue reading lit circle assignments -- reading, role sheets, and setting assignment due FRIDAY!
Friday, 3/15: Week 1 Lit Circles due!

March 4-8:
Monday, 3/4: Revisions.
Tuesday, 3/5: Type second revised draft in computer lab.
Wednesday, 3/6: Peer revision round 2.
Thursday, 3/7: Type final copy in computer lab.
Friday, 3/8: ​Final copy of disease essay due at the end of class!

February 11-15:
Monday, 2/11: Complete Exercise 2 in Intro Writing packet - write your thesis statement.
Tuesday, 2/12: Study Island; fix thesis statements.
​Wednesday, 2/13:​ Finish intro paragraph.
Thursday, 2/14: Complete organization of notes into three sections: causes, symptoms, treatment.
Friday, 2/15: No school.

February 4-8
Monday, 2/4: Read for reading log.
Tuesday, 2/5: Study Island.
Wednesday, 2/6: Review RACERS; Bring your science article on genetically modified food to class on THURSDAY.
Thursday, 2/7: Fix RACERS; finish orange "Bacteria: The Good, the Bad, and the Stinky" worksheet

January 28-February 1:
Monday, 1/28: Work on ABC Book (Mousetrap Final!)
Tuesday, 1/29: Work on ABC Book.
Wednesday, 1/30: Work on ABC Book.
Thursday, 1/31: ABC Books and reading logs due!
Friday, 2/1: No class - have fun at the Super Bowl! :)

January 21-25:
Monday, 1/21: No school.
Tuesday, 1/22: Frayer model.
Wednesday, 1/23: Read for reading log.
Thursday, 1/24: Study Island.
Friday, 1/25: Read 20 minutes for reading log. (Collected on 1/31) Begin work on ABC Book (rough draft​).

January 7-11:
Monday, 1/7: Mollie's Journal.
Tuesday, 1/8: Frayer model for "autograph."
Wednesday, 1/9:
Thursday, 1/10: Miss Frank Out - Study Island in computer lab.
Friday, 1/11:

December 31-January 4:
Monday, 12/31: No school.
Tuesday, 1/1: No school.
Wednesday, 1/2: Mrs. Boyle's Letters
Thursday, 1/3: Complete mid-book take home test (some you won't be able to answer without the book -- you will have time to wrap up tomorrow!)
Friday, 1/4: Miss Casewell's Journal

December 17-21:
Monday, 12/17: Complete Act I Scene I notes in NEW STUDY GUIDE.
Tuesday, 12/18: " "
Wednesday, 12/19: Act I Scene I notes DUE. Prepare your reading logs.
Thursday, 12/20: READING LOGS DUE.
Friday, 12/21: Enjoy your holiday! :)

December 10-14:
Monday, 12/10: "Mean Mrs. Boyle" worksheet; Article of the Week: "Which Child Lives?" - Read & show that you've talked to the text.
Tuesday, 12/11: Study Island.
Wednesday, 12/12: EARLY DISMISSAL! "Which Child Lives" questions 1, 2, 4
Thursday, 12/13: "Which Child Lives" question 3 using RACERS
Friday, 12/14:

December 3-7:
Monday, 12/3: "Three Blind Mice" worksheet
Tuesday, 12/4: Read 15 minutes tonight; fill out reading log.
Wednesday, 12/5: Read 15 minutes tonight; fill out reading log.
Thursday, 12/6: "Christopher Wren's Inferences" worksheet
Friday, 12/7: Finish "The Breakaway" worksheet if not completed in class.

November 26-30:
Monday, 11/26: No school.
Tuesday, 11/27: Read.
Wednesday, 11/28: Read.
Thursday, 11/29: Read.
Friday, 11/30: Reading logs due.

November 12-16:
Monday, 11/12: Read Ch. 16-17 (Reading Check tomorrow); Bring photograph tomorrow
Tuesday, 11/13: Read Ch. 18-19; Complete PART IV in packet -- Questions and Decisions Study Guide for Ch. 16-19
Wednesday, 11/14: Read Ch. 20-23; Complete PART V in packet -- Escape to Freedom for Ch. 20-23
Thursday, 11/15: Work on memoir; Complete study guide.
Friday, 11/16: Study!!! (TEST MONDAY!)

November 5-9:
Monday, 11/5: Read Ch. 11-12. "Reflecting on the Importance of Memory" due Wednesday. Begin filling in the "Cause and Effect" chart in your packet.
Tuesday, 11/6: Study Island. Read Ch. 13.
Wednesday, 11/7: Read silent reading book.
Thursday, 11/8: "Descriptive Writing Analysis" worksheet; Complete RITUAL JOURNAL (due tomorrow!)
Friday, 11/9: Read The Giver through Ch. 15 -- Complete ​Part III: Memories and Feelings Study Guide for Chapters 11-15​ in packet. Due ​MONDAY.

October 29-November 2:
Monday, 10/29: None.
Tuesday, 10/30: None.
Wednesday, 10/31: None.
Thursday, 11/1: Finish reading Ch. 6-7. Answer: Why doesn't Jonas get an assignment? Predict what you think will happen.
Friday, 11/2: Read Ch. 8-10 of The Giver​. Complete "Part II: Rites and Rituals, Ch. 6-10" page in ​The Giver​ yellow packet. Be ready for a reading check on MONDAY.

October 22-26:​ You do not need your copy of ​The Giver​ this week.
Monday, 10/22: Narrative; Ritual Journal
Tuesday, 10/23: Narrative; Ritual Journal
Wednesday, 10/24: ​RITUAL JOURNAL & NARRATIVE COLLECTION! Prepare for narrative writing prompt.
Thursday, 10/25: Writing Assessment
Friday, 10/26: Writing Assessment

October 15-19:
Monday, 10/15: JOB FINDER sheet of Giver packet.
Tuesday, 10/16: Study for Ch. 1-5 Quiz.
Wednesday, 10/17: ​GIVER​ Ch. 1-5 QUIZ! Dream Journal Collection TOMORROW!
Thursday, 10/18: None.
Friday, 10/19: Finish Jonas's "Dream and Feelings Journal" entry for Monday.

October 8-12:
Monday, 10/8: No school.
Tuesday, 10/9: No school.
Wednesday, 10/10: Read Ch. 4 of The Giver, complete "Adolescence" page in yellow Giver packet. Fix Article of the Week assignments -- due by Friday.

October 1-4:
Monday, 10/1: Article of the Week -- "Boy with Severe Allergies" -- Packet due THURSDAY 10/3
Tuesday, 10/2: Study Island -- Students on computer restriction using grammar books. HOMEWORK: Get progress report signed, complete THE FUTURE worksheet.
Wednesday, 10/3: Read Ch. 1 of The Giver. Write a 3 sentence prediction on your index card that shares what you think the conversation Jonas has with his parents will be about.
Thursday, 10/4: Read Ch. 3 of The Giver. Write a 3 sentence response about what YOU believe the apple represents.
Friday, 10/5: None.

September 24-27: Beginning THE GIVER this week. Students should maintain a complete study guide for the novel throughout the unit.
​Monday, 9/24:
Tuesday, 9/25: None.
Wednesday, 9/26: "Utopia" graphic organizer.
Thursday, 9/27: None.
Friday, 9/28: None.

September 17-21
Monday, 9/17: Work on Poe narrative writing.
Tuesday, 9/18: Study Island in the computer lab.
Wednesday, 9/19: Work on Poe narrative writing.
Thursday, 9/20: Work on Poe narrative writing.
Friday, 9/21: Poe narrative due!

September 10-14
Monday, 9/10: None
Tuesday, 9/11: None.
Wednesday, 9/12: None.
Thursday, 9/13: Prepare for open note quiz tomorrow.
Friday, 9/14: "The Raven" quiz!

September 3-7
Monday, 9/3: No school.
Tuesday, 9/4: None.
Wednesday, 9/5: None.
Thursday, 9/6: Paragraph response: Why is a film adaptation sometimes different from the written version of the text?
Friday, 9/7: None.