RED is an formatting issue that needs to be fixed. Check your paper heading to make sure it is the correct format:

Your Name
Miss Frank
English 7, Period #
March 8, 2013

Make sure you have double spaced between the heading and title. The title must be centered (not tabbed over!) and underlined. There should be a double space between the title and your first paragraph. Each paragraph should be left aligned and indented ONE tab space. Font is Times New Roman and should be size 12.

PINK highlights are items in the introduction that need to be checked for grammar, punctuation, capitalization, etc. in the introduction.

BLUE marks focus on the thesis statement, thesis map, and text organization. You should have a thesis statement that tells me what three aspects of the disease your paper will focus on. Each body paragraph should follow that order.

YELLOW highlights are personal pronouns that ARE NOT allowed to be used in the paper such as you, I, we, my, ourselves, our, myself, yourself, your, let's, etc. These MUST BE REMOVED. You may use someone, one, people, somebody, his, her, etc.

ORANGE is anything that needs to be fixed in the conclusion. Your conclusion should be 5 sentences long and bring the paper to a final close by restating the thesis statement.

GREEN circles are spelling errors. Fix them!

PURPLE circles are capitalization and punctuation errors. Remember, diseases are not capitalized unless they are named after someone or locations (i.e. Rocky Mountain spotted fever).

Once you have made these edits, read the paper out loud to yourself and make additional revisions. You MUST print a copy of your paper at the end of class to receive credit for your first revision.